“The Middle” Episode Review: Hecking It Up

Grade: A-

The Hecks decided to do some interesting family bonding…by “borrowing” their neighbor’s car.

Despite the fact that they were being pretty immoral, the entire scenario was funny to watch. I especially enjoyed the classic “we’ll be home in 20 minutes” panic attack, followed by a mess of food after Mike slammed on the brakes. Not to mention their speedy clean-up of the vehicle, but knowing the Hecks that’s a next to impossible task.

Sue has a boyfriend? (and one who’s not just using her as a cover-up?) I’m curious to see how this story arc plays out. Will he get along with the family? Can’t imagine who would. Then again, the guy seems pretty weird himself.

And as for the Donahues, I was half expecting to see them complain about the Hecks  the minute they turned their backs. But, like Mike said, there’s a never ending meadow of nice behind that wall of nice. I guess they need such contrasting characters, right?

Finally, (to publicly demonstrate my lack of sports knowledge) the first thing I said to myself was “oh, is the superbowl in Indiana this year? That’s a convenient storyline!” Glad someone was paying attention to that opportunity 😉


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