“Modern Family” Episode Review: Little Bo Bleep

Grade: B

Maybe it was because an article on Yahoo! revealed the bit about Lily’s swearing before, but I personally didn’t find that storyline all that amusing/funny. The one about Claire’s debate, however, hilarious!

The mock debate held by the Dunphy family was the stand-out scene in my opinion. Claire’s pouty, sarcastic, angry, eye-rolling performance was incredibly amusing, not to mention the random outbursts by the other members of her family. Julie Bowen executed that bit flawlessly, so props to her.

Even though the video of Phil’s speech going viral was a bit much, I did chuckle a few times.

I didn’t care for the storyline between Gloria and the pooch, Stella, much either. Cute dog, but not much else to say about it. And did they really think she couldn’t swim? Doesn’t that come natural for all dogs? (Wouldn’t know; I’ve only had cats)

And I’m also having a hard time adjusting to the new Lily. Not as cute in my opinion in her behavior (and not just because she dropped the “f bomb.”) or looks.

Overall, a decent episode but two of the storylines could have used some improvement in my opinion.


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