“The Office” Episode Review: Jury Duty

Grade: A+

“That baby is a Schrute. And unless someone taught Mose sex, that baby is mine.”                    –Dwight

That was the line in the promo for “Jury Duty” that had me anticipating what was surely to be a great episode.

I was not disappointed.

I have to say that this was probably the strongest episode of the season.

Let’s look at what made it so fantastic…

The A storyline focused on Jim’s half day of jury duty turning into a full-week off with Pam and the baby (without permission of course.) What I enjoyed so much about this plot was the fact that Dwight was so determined to get him fired. The feud between those two never gets old in my opinion. The appearance of the entire Halpert family was also a nice treat, until they started screaming and crying. (the kids, though Jim and Pam looked close to a meltdown at one point)

And we certainly can’t forget about the B plot of the episode! Angela has the baby…a HUGE baby. Oscar suspects something is up, and you can’t help but know there’s something fishy going on. (This may be due to the aforementioned quote of Dwight’s that I heard ahead of time). And when Dwight fills in the gaps about he and Angela’s “relations”…everything makes sense. I am definitely excited to see where this [hopefully] new story arc will take us.

Other note-worthy moments:

*Cece Halpert being absolutely adorable. Such a cutie!

*Creed saying, “Angela’s back with her baby!” when Pam shows up at the office.

*The senator complimenting Oscar’s wrapping techniques on the present for the baby.

*Kevin, Oscar, and Erin’s reactions to Angela’s gigantic baby.

*Dwight yelling at Toby for ruining his plan to uncover Jim’s lies.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy? The cold open with Andy’s dancing. I can only handle in him in small doses (same with Robert California). Luckily, the Sabre CEO was absent and Andy was tolerable the entire time.

I highly recommend watching “Jury Duty” if you haven’t already. It’s an episode that you don’t want to miss!


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