“Modern Family” Review: “Me? Jealous?”

Grade: C

“You get the lipstick. I’ll get the bra and tennis balls.” –Haley

Despite the fact that I laughed pretty hard at that line, this episode was just mediocre to me.

The introduction of the storyline between Phil, Claire, and Tad (guest star Greg Kinnear) appeared to have a lot of potential. Personally, I thought it would have been more interesting to truly have Tad hitting on Mrs. Dunphy than just have it be a misinterpretation.

Haley’s role as a Big Sister (the thought of that is scary) was just a boring plot for the kids, in my opinion. I often felt myself daydreaming during their scenes. However, their make-over on Luke was totally unexpected! I don’t have any brothers, but I’m sure that I would enjoy dressing mine up just as much as they did.

The final storyline of Cam and Gloria’s feud was also lacking. I will say that it was nice to see a different pairing of characters, but I personally didn’t find their fight all that amusing.

I almost forgot that Mitchell and Jay had their own problems, but those scenes were unfortunately forgettable, as well.

Finally, on an unrelated note … I’ve mentioned before that I don’t care for the new Lily, and I think I have figured out why; she’s not a very good actress. I know she’s very young, but her cheesy acting is often distracting in a scene.

Honestly, I’d have to rate this episode as pretty forgettable, with storylines that seemed to fall flat.


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