“Suburgatory” Review: Sex and the Suburbs

Grade: A +

“You deserve a thousand goats”- Scott

Finally, we get a follow-up to last episode’s cliff-hanger!

As illustrated by the quote above, Tessa’s short-term relationship with Scott got really weird, really fast.

The way George chose to handle the situation after finding condoms in Tessa’s room was awkwardly hilarious. His idea for a game night was pretty funny, but what really made the scene all that much better was the fact that he was playing Monopoly with his daughter’s friends. Tessa’s reaction was the best: “I’m going on an age appropriate date with a cute boy. You’re a grown man home playing Pictionary with minors.”

My other favorite part of the game night scene definitely had to be Lisa’s honest description of her perfect lover to her friend’s father. That chick really knows no boundaries!

The entire theme of the episode was truly nothing but sex. Dallas informed George of the different types (you know, break-up, make-up, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy) George attempted to use this ridiculous “virginity calculator” on the web, George’s hypocritical hook-up, and let’s not forget…. Scott’s attempts at courtship with Tessa, Zambia style. (goat and all)

And despite my (and Tessa’s) annoyance with his constant references to Zambia, I couldn’t help but laugh at her “Kiss me like I’m Africa” line.

Overall, yet another fantastic episode from “Suburgatory” that I would highly recommend. Let’s hope the show sticks around!


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