“The Middle” Episode Review: Valentine’s Day III

Grade: A+

“It’s like having an eel in your mouth.” –Sue

After what seemed like a year-long hiatus (for all of ABC’s Wednesday night shows), The Middle was back with french-kissing (see quote above), life changing events, and a new twist on the Valentine’s Day celebration for Frankie and Mike.

I first have to say that I always enjoy holiday episodes on any show; they always make for enjoyable and usually relatable storylines.

Frankie and Mike’s discussion at the beginning of their ideal Valentine’s Day was so… them: fried chicken, sweatpants, and separate rooms for television. I love their honesty.

I also thoroughly enjoyed their V-day dinner with the other couples because I knew right away that it was going to be a bad idea. My favorite line for that storyline was, “Hey, maybe we should try our anniversary with other couples.”  Oh, Mike. Totally clueless!

Sue was dealing with some interesting relationship problems of her own. I always appreciate her dorky innocence; it never fails to make me laugh. I’m pretty sure that her new boyfriend is absolutely perfect for her too, especially since he totally got her “internationally kissing” comment.

Is there ever an episode where I don’t want to see Axl get slapped upside the head? His pathetic, laziness makes for some funny scenes though and this week was no exception. I had a feeling that Axl’s idea for his life changing event would be shallow but I still laughed when it was nothing more than an experience with a hot girl.

In the end, I thought the storylines all tied in together nicely, ending with a happy ending after the usual, weekly mess created by the Hecks.


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