“The Office” Episode Review: Special Project

Grade: A+

“It’s three weeks in Tallahassee, what else is there to do?”- Cathy

After last week’s grade A episode, I was a bit worried as to how “Special Project” would rate. But with the introduction of new promotions, exciting arcs, and relationship troubles (which I will discuss at the end), The Office delivered yet another great episode.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the cold opening. Usually that introductory scene has been just average this season, but this one certainly made me laugh. I loved the return of the Pam/Angela rivalry and especially laughed when Pam was about to offer everyone in the office cash to out-do Angela.

The A storyline of Dwight getting a promotion has real potential, especially since the episode last season where he took over as acting manager was hilarious. In “Special Project,” I loved watching him decide which workers to take with him, as well as his reasoning behind it. His “those who won’t be missed,” when referring to Toby made me laugh. It was even funnier when he and Andy argued about who was going to stay, since there were some individuals that were clearly not wanted.

Pam returned from maternity leave to give a rather uneventful storyline between her and Jim, but one that was certainly necessary for further plot development. I did like that both were pretty uneager to get work done (typical!), as they spent their entire morning planning out Jim’s text messages to Robert California.

Even the small plot between Val and Darryl was amusing, not to mention creepy Nate getting in the way again.

A few other moments I enjoyed:

*Ryan’s presentation where he insisted that he or Kelly go to Florida, but definitely not both.

* Jim giving Dwight a hard time after agreeing to go to Florida. “Do you shower at night or do you shower in the morning? ‘Cause I want to shower when you’re showering to save some water.”

*Dwight’s simulation of the Florida environment in the conference room.

Now, to briefly discuss the tag of the episode. I would just like to say that I knew Cathy was going to be trouble after her comment in “Pool Party.” I can’t believe she is even going to attempt to make a move on Jim (which I think we all know will only lead to total humiliation and embarrassment for her). However, I’m quite excited that there is finally an arc for Jim and Pam who have really dealt with no angst since Season 3. As long as it ends well, I’m actually up for a little drama!

Overall, I think this is the first time in a while that “The Office” has developed some new, interesting arcs and I can’t wait to see what all happens!

*Another note: These deleted scenes are also worth watching and it’s a shame they couldn’t make it into the episode.

Special Project Deleted Scenes


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