“Modern Family” Episode Review: Aunt Mommy

Grade: A+

“Say hi to your Aunt Mommy”-Mitchell

After last week’s forgettable episode, “Modern Family” definitely made an impressive comeback!

The opening for shows is usually just mediocre, but the chaos of this particular one was nothing short of hilarious. From the marble accident to the lice of Luke’s friend, it was a total disaster. Phil’s lack of parenting skills never helps.

The A storyline for the episode was certainly unexpected. Who knew that a drunken double date between Phil, Claire, Cam, and Mitchell would lead to an awkward baby agreement? I loved the awesome editing of linking clips together by common words in each conversation, as well of the progression of just how tipsy the couples were getting. The line “we’re all having a baby” was the best.

And just when I thought that plot couldn’t get better, Claire and Phil meet up in the kitchen the morning after looking so rough and hung-over. The reactions of the rest of the family to the potential “in-breeding” between Cam and Claire was priceless, particularly Haley’s comment of, “I’ve always kind of wanted a half-brother, half cousin.”

Even the Jay, Gloria, Manny storyline had some great moments. I was impressed that Manny was able to play football, but then he goes and gets completely tackled. The fact that he was recovering from his “injury” in a motorized scooter was so in character for him.

Overall, a fantastic episode with a number of hilarious, quotable scenes!


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