“Suburgatory” Episode Review: The Body

Grade: A+

“Is there room in your house for a dude in a chair that rolls?”-Ryan

What better way to start off this review than a quote from “The Body” himself?

“Suburgatory” has truly been on a roll this year with nothing short of hilarious episodes. Though they may be cheesy at times, that’s what makes the people of Chatswin so funny to watch.

I really liked that the title of this episode had a double meaning, with the separate storylines that eventually tied together.

Lisa’s brother Ryan, a.k.a. “The Body,” is such a bumbling idiot. Despite the fact that he depicted the stereotypical idea of the dumb jock, I could not help but laugh. And poor Lisa! Her parents are creepily obsessed with their son’s athletic talent, and though it makes for good humor (“You have an amazing body”), I do feel bad.

As for Tessa, I loved her storyline of running for student body president, as well. For one thing, I too came from a high school in which athletics were truly all that mattered, so I appreciated her arguing that gym wasn’t a class and jocks not a race. Her debate/feud between the idiot twins was also fantastic! And only in Chatswin would they say that their former leader “stepped down due to unexpected fatness.”

I would also like to add a quote from Noah to Dallas during a teeth whitening appointment that, despite its ridiculousness, had me laughing out loud: “Your gums are single for the first time in years and they’re acting a little desperate.”

Congrats, “Suburgatory,” you’ve given us another amazing episode!


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