“The Middle” Episode Review: The Concert

Grade: A-

“I was so sure that I was meant to see Justin Bieber and have a deeply religious experience” –Sue

It’s very rare that there’s an episode of “The Middle” that I don’t enjoy, and that pattern continued this week.

As implied by the title, Sue breathlessly informs her parents that Justin Bieber is coming to Indianapolis for a concert. I love when she gets worked up about something because of her dorky screams and dances.

My favorite scene of that storyline had to be the rush between her and Frankie to snag two concert tickets via phone and Internet. I especially could not stop laughing when Frankie was attempting to read the “captcha” letters and symbols. I can’t tell you how many times I have also repeatedly refreshed a webpage in frustration to get something I could actually decipher. Also, Sue’s defeated breakdown after the tickets were sold out was the icing on the cake.

The storyline with Brick was, in my opinion, a bit predictable at times. I often found myself calling out all of the ironic situations that were going to take place, like Brick getting out in the first round and Mike screwing up the Pledge of Allegiance. But I definitely did laugh quite a bit, particularly with Brick fighting off the urge to whisper. Mike’s quote, “You have to have a dance for when you get the word right. It will intimidate the other kids,” was also quite silly.

The third and final part of the episode was a bit unoriginal, but I liked the ending. It doesn’t surprise me that Axl and his idiot friends would spend all of their time trying to beat their speeds. To be honest, Axl attempting to do so by stripping down to his usual wardrobe of boxers shouldn’t have been too shocking either, but I definitely laughed.

The ending was quite depressing! I felt so bad for Frankie; I truly thought Sue was hoping she would accompany her at the concert. It was a small, creative twist, as was Axl choosing to spend time with his mom. Her final line made me smile. “He’s like a butterfly. You don’t want to scare him off. Just be cool.”

Yet another solid episode of “The Middle”! But hey, would we expect any less? 😉


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