“The Office” Episode Review: Tallahassee

Grade: A+

“I was thinking, for this trip I have to do something epic, so what should that be? And then I thought of it: I’ll poison you.” –Jim

I can happily say that “The Office” has really impressed me these last few weeks. This was yet another episode that proves just how funny this show can be when the writers really put their minds to it!

The cold opening was, once again, absolutely hysterical. It was all I could do not to keep from bursting out into a loud snort. I am always a sucker for Jim pranking Dwight, and I think this had to be one of his best practical jokes yet. Even the clips of Dwight waking up the other office members was priceless, especially Erin’s “I was reading the tag on the mattress and fell asleep.”

Just when I thought Jim and Dwight interaction couldn’t get any better, he decides to [jokingly] reveal to Dwight that he’s poisoned him in the hopes to make the trip more interesting. That’s the Jim I love!

The Tallahassee storyline with Dwight’s sudden appendicitis was absolute perfection. From the sweating and groaning to his message to son Phillip (“Kill Mose before he kills you”), that aspect of the episode delivered nothing but laughs! Episodes are so much better when Dwight is in the spotlight.

And Packer is back! That was an interesting surprise! His crude comments are always cringe-worthy yet funny (“This cat’s got 9 lives and a nine inch…“),  and I’m excited to see he and Dwight compete for the position of Vice President.

Even the special projects manager Nelly (Catherine Tate), who I found to be just plain boring in last year’s season finale, did not take away from the humor of the episode.

The minor storyline at the Scranton Branch was quite good, as well. There wasn’t much substance to it, but there were some funny lines throughout. I am also happy to say that Andy did not annoy me.

Finally, though there was no real plot progression tonight, I am already anticipating Cathy to finally make her move on Jim. Can’t wait to see how that goes down!

Overall, despite the new location and storyline, this episode had a classic ‘office’ feel to it. Keep it up! 😉


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