“The Office” Episode Review: After Hours

Grade: B+

“I like how guys just know stuff all of the time”- Erin

This had to be the most romantically uncomfortable episode of the season! Every single storyline was an attempt at some sort of romantic encounter!

Before I get to that, I have to say that this week’s cold open was just mediocre in my opinion. (Though Jim’s prank in “Tallahassee” did set the bar pretty high.) I always enjoy watching Pam and Angela bicker a bit though.

This episode was packed with numerous storylines, one being Dwight and Packer competing for the position of Vice President, which apparently meant having to sleep with Nellie. No idea why she would have any interest in either guy, but hey, she’s pretty odd herself. I did love when Packer threw up and Dwight said, “A real man swallows his vomit when a lady is present.” Dwight, once again, had most of the best lines in the episode. One that made me laugh (despite the fact that it was so random) was, ““do you want to see a picture of me trapped under a tree?”

And then there was the much anticipated (for me, anyway) continuation of the Jim and Cathy arc. Now, I would like the say that I did not expect Jim to cheat, but I was a bit worried about just how far she would try and go with him. (spoiler alert: nothing happens!) Jim’s reactions the entire time she was in his room though were absolutely priceless. From sliding off of the bed to get away from her to his classic looks to the camera, you could really tell just how truly uncomfortable he was.

I was actually surprised that Cathy turned the situation around by saying she wasn’t after anything with Jim, considering her intentions seemed pretty clear. Then she went and tried to cuddle up next to him in bed, which was definitely to be expected.

And then there was the very small bit between Erin and Ryan. Although I am sort of a Kelly/Ryan fan (even though she deserves better), I am actually enjoying their interaction, simply because it’s different. Of course, we all know Ryan is only after one thing, which Erin doesn’t seem interested in at all. And I am so glad she won’t sleep with him!

Finally, the story back at the actual office was a bit boring again. While the action is all going on in Florida, all of the other characters are left with nothing. Now there’s drama between Darryl and Val, but that’s still not a lot to work with. I will say that I had a feeling that she lied about not having a boyfriend!

And to briefly talk about how Jim finally got rid of his unwanted visitor… Dwight to the rescue! As clueless as he was, you can’t help but be glad he had Jim’s back! The part with him trying to kill the bedbugs was hilarious, especially spraying Cathy. And I’m glad Jim finally told her to get lost!

Other notable moments:

*The flashback with Jim and Stanley in the car. Another classic Jim face!

*Dwight reading Nellie’s mind and only getting numbers.

*Stanley practically “encouraging” an affair between Jim and Cathy. (This is a complaint, not something I found funny!)

To wrap it up, I don’t think that the Cathy issue is officially over. I have a feeling that word will still get back to Pam and most likely snowball into some huge drama. And I also found it ironic how she was telling Darryl to go after someone who was already romantically involved, just because that’s what Jim did.

Overall, while not as hilarious as the past few episodes, “After Hours” was still enjoyable and had some unique interactions. I would still recommend watching it if you haven’t already!


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