“Modern Family” Episode Review: Virgin Territory

Grade: A –

She’s like a dream wrapped in a wish poured into jeggings” -Manny

While this episode was, in my opinion, not as hilarious as the last, it was still full of great, comical moments!

The opening was certainly funny, particularly when Jay was trying to translate for Gloria when he couldn’t even figure out what he was trying to say himself.

One of the many storylines taking place this episode involved Cam faking a back injury as a way to search for the tupperware he thought Claire never returned to him. I seriously though he was hurt! I loved how he kept trying to get people out of the house to search, especially Mitchell, whom he told to “call first” before returning.

The storyline with Phil, Haley, Alex, and Lilly was quite amusing! Phil’s reaction to finding out Haley was no longer a virgin was perfect. I’m surprised he actually remained so calm. The thing about Phil though is that he’s a bit of a child himself, so he’s not one to get angry easily but cries instead. And the metaphor of the injured baby doll that Haley and Phil were using to communicate was hysterical, especially Phil saying, “no, she’s broken.”

Mitchell and Jay had a plot of their own going on, but it didn’t deliver much humor until the final scene. There was a sweet father-son moment though, which was nice to see. Of course, Jay unintentionally ruined it, as usual.

The bit between Claire and Gloria had an unexpected ending! Claire is not one I picture going to the gun range. Gloria on the other hand? She can be pretty scary at times. 😉 It was definitely some unique bonding for the two characters.  I laughed when Gloria said “It’s sad that you come here so often and that’s the best that you can shoot” and then she proceeded to show her talent.

Finally, I think one of my favorite scenes was during the Manny and Luke storyline when they used the car to attract the attention of a cute neighborhood girl. (selling lemonade nonetheless!) It got even better when he had to put it in reverse to get it back to the house!

Other notable moments:

*When Alex finally wanted a doll and Phil was willing to give it to her just to preserve her childhood.

*The scene with the “doll doctor” giving the prognosis.

*When Cam stepped on the drawer to reach the container (what did he think was going to happen?), fell, and still said, “Um, this has a lid.”

Overall, “Modern Family” did a great job of ending ABC’s Wednesday night comedies on a high note!


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