“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Fire with Fire

Grade: A-

“I went up a half cup size to celebrate the divorce.”- Dallas

Every episode of “Suburgatory” is introduced with a theme. This week’s? Trends.

The opening with past trends of Chatswin was a bit over-the-top, but that’s what that particular town is all about!

One of the main storylines this week involved Lisa Shay crossing over to the dark side. She always seemed a bit wishy-washy to me, so I am in no way surprised that she eagerly accepted Dahlia’s many invites. Poor Tessa though! The last thing you want to see is your friend leaving you for an enemy! Lisa’s dorky enthusiasm about it was pretty funny though.

Then Dallas’s recent divorce started a huge new trend, one involving leaving your husband and getting plastic surgery to top it off. This led to humiliation for poor Noah, who sadly cannot fix a broken shower head. I definitely laughed at his solution for it though: putting a sticky note labeled “broken” on the malfunctioning device.  I knew right away that his wife Jill was going to use that as the perfect excuse to leave him.

I had a hard time keeping it together when Dallas and Yani (guest Wilmer Valderama) started sweet-talking and making out. Maybe it was because I kept picturing him as Fez? Either way, it was both a little disturbing and comical at the same time.

While the beginning of the Lisa story was a bit slow at first, it definitely picked up! My favorite scene had to be when Dahlia showed up at her house to hang out together. Lisa’s mother was hysterical to watch! Her line, “Hello, Dahlia. Are you looking for the comfort of a stable home?” made me laugh. Then she was absolutely ecstatic that Lisa had a “friend,” saying she had no curfew and ran to tell her husband. Priceless!

I enjoyed watching Tessa transform one of Dahlia’s followers into the temporary Lisa replacement, especially because her name is Kimantha. Both transformations (her and Lisa’s) were pretty impressive! But I was glad to have Lisa realize what an idiot she was being…until she does it again in the future.

Other noteworthy moments:

*George and Noah dancing at the club with 3 shirt buttons undone and with George worrying about showing too much chest hair.

*Dahlia’s ridiculous scenario of she and Tessa becoming sisters (and Tessa’s reply of, “uh, okay?”)

*Evan thinking Tessa was finally in love with him at the dance.

Overall, “Fire with Fire” was yet another impressive episode for this new, hit comedy!


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