“The Middle” Episode Review: The Sit Down

Grade: A+

“Did I not tell you to clean your room? Things are hatching in this place!” –Frankie

We all know just how crazy, chaotic, and unorganized the Hecks can be and “The Sit Down” showcased that perfectly.

The main storyline for the episode was one that involved the entire family. Ensemble-based plots are the best and I truly enjoyed seeing the kids versus parents conflict.

I absolutely loved the beginning with everyone scrambling to get out of the house on time. It’s so typical for them but always makes me laugh. I don’t know how they ever manage to get anything done in that family. I also liked that the chaos continued in the evening after they came home. And Mike’s line “From now on everyone goes to bed right after dinner. And no more dessert…ever!” was a great way to end the scene.

I will say that I was not expecting the original sit-down to have a bit of role reversal. I couldn’t believe that the Heck kids were so oblivious to how irresponsible and annoying they had been. Frankie and Mike’s reactions were also completely understandable. I would have been pretty annoyed too if I were them. The best bit was when all three of the kids lifted their shirts to show just how crazy Frankie’s reminder notes had gotten. So funny!

And when Frankie and Mike finally agreed to let them all be responsible for themselves, I knew that [hilarious] disaster was sure to ensue.

I always enjoy watching Sue and her odd team of wrestlerettes spend time together. And Weird Ashley never fails to make me laugh, especially when she’s around Axl! It was so amusing when he was forced to take Sue back to Ashley’s house and he ended up agreeing to go to prom with her again. Ashley had some of the best lines of the episode, including the one about avoiding the black box in her room and “Isn’t this the season where you play with the round ball?”

Getting to see Frankie and Mike spend some alone time together was perfect contrast to the chaos they usually deal with. I couldn’t help but chuckle at their original idea of quality time together being watching tv in bed. And Mike’s “We have personalities, who knew?” during bowling was fantastic!

Finally, I was amused by the struggle of the youngest Hecks to find Sue’s coat and prove that they’re responsible (which we all know is not true). Their personalities are all so different that it always makes for some comical interaction!

Other notable moments:

* Axl’s new word “con’t”, which means can, but won’t

*Frankie using the bumpers for bowling!

*The moth flying into Brick’s ear (though the thought of it still makes me cringe)

*Sue accidently leaving her coat at the ER in the end. Perfect touch!

Overall, a fantastic, grade A episode that reminds us why we love to watch these crazy Hecks!


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