“Modern Family” Episode Review: Leap Day

Grade: A-

“I can be spontaneous every four years.” – Claire

As I said once before, I always enjoy holiday themed episodes and though Leap Day is an odd one, it can make for some funny stories.

This week, “Modern Family” took advantage of the opportunity to produce a more than amusing episode.

As imagined, this bizarre day was the basis for at least one of the major storylines.

The first focused on Cam’s 40th, or technically 10th, birthday. A very brief moment at the beginning that made me laugh was when Mitchell and Lilly gave him a birthday “cake” in the morning…except it looked like it was nothing more than a tortilla with icing on it. Anyway, Mitchell’s idea for the Wizard of Oz themed party was cute (though maybe a bit extravagant for an adult) but I felt bad for him when he decided it was not appropriate given the current state of Cam’s family. I did love when he was still trying to come up with a theme for the back-up party, when most people would have just blown up some balloons and thrown a cake on the table.

I had a feeling something was going to go wrong with the party on the boat, but I definitely was not expecting Cam to get to celebrate at a carnival! His reaction to turning forty was fantastic, especially the fact that he just wanted to spend the day as a kid again. Can’t forget to mention the tag of the episode, when Mitchell says to his partner, “You’re still the sexy, little eight-year-old I fell in love with” and an actual 8 year old seemed pretty alarmed. Hilarious!

The storyline with Phil versus the Dunphy women was also fantastic. I thought it was so funny that they were all crying at the sad ASPCA commercial. (I always change channels when it’s on. Too depressing!) While the PMS bit has been done numerous times, what made this so unique was the fact that Phil was dealing with an army of hormones between his wife and daughters at the same time. I especially like when he said to Luke and Manny, “The woman is actually taking great pains to hide the monster she’s become.” I enjoyed watching Claire “kidnap” Luke and the scene where he attempts (with Phil’s help) to fake an injury was priceless when the red paint ended up all over the bathroom. My other favorite line from that plot was Luke’s “You’re all monsterating.”

Finally, the plot between Gloria and Jay was, in my opinion, the weak point of the episode. I didn’t find it all that funny or even heartwarming. (To me it should be one or the other).  I was greatly amused though watching Gloria punch the captain of the ship.

Overall, “Leap Day” was an episode that made a rather bizarre holiday into something quite funny!


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