Season Wrap-Up Wish List

At the moment, none of the comedy shows I watch have been renewed for the 2012-2013 season. I’m not overly worried about Modern Family or The Middle, (because I’m positive they’ll be back) but with Suburgatory being new to the game and The Office an old-timer, I am more nervous about those two.

Regardless of their fates, I wanted to express some of the things I would like to see happen to each of the shows during the rest of their current seasons.

“The Middle”

  • More Interaction between Axl and Weird Ashley. It would be funny if he took her to prom again, but I think it would be even more amusing if she was constantly following him around school. Plus, with Sue coaching the Wrestlorettes, she’ll probably be at their house a lot too.
  • Brick to develop a crush. If he could meet a girl that is just like him and can put up with all of his quirks, it would be cute to see some puppy love!
  • Frankie making a career change. Whether it be a promotion or quitting the car dealership, I think it might be fun for a bit of a mix-up. Frankie could even get a temporary job at the high school which would lead to great storylines between her and Axl/Sue.
  • A storyline with the Donahues. Because this family is so different from the Hecks, I always enjoy watching the two groups interact. Even just an episode with a bit of a family feud could be fun.


  • Tessa to meet a new guy. This time, however, I’d like to see the tension last a little longer. She got together so quick with Scott and it was over in just a few episodes.
  • Dahlia and Tessa forced into a situation. Whether it be a school project or vacation, I can guarantee that watching the two of them having to spend unwanted quality time together would be hilarious.
  • Learning more about Tessa’s mother. I thought I read somewhere that this is a plot that might actually surface in upcoming episodes, or at least in a later season. They don’t mention her much, so I feel like the topic should be addressed.
  • Tessa as a third wheel. Since it’s clear that Lisa and Malik are into one another (and Tessa’s single) she is likely going to feel both left out and a bit jealous. This would probably lead to a new romantic encounter for her eventually, as well.

“Modern Family”

  • Alex to get a boyfriend. (or at least date) I know that when it happens, it will drive Haley insane! Besides if Alex snags an especially cute one while Haley is single, she will definitely be getting revenge
  • Manny and Luke Teamwork. After last week’s episode with their attempts to swoon the girl down the street, they should definitely interact more often! Since their personalities are so different, they’ll likely end up in a feud or competition at some point, but that’s even better.
  • Babysitting disaster. Let’s face it; Claire and Phil aren’t that great with kids. Therefore, having them watch Lilly for Cam and Mitchell and having something go wrong would be perfect. They would end up looking like idiots while trying to cover their tracks.
  • Gloria trying to bond with Claire. The two have obviously never been close, and it’s clear that Claire is pretty annoyed by her “step-mother.” I would like to see  Gloria spend even more time trying to win her over, only to be pushing Claire away in the process.

“The Office”

  • More of Father Dwight. I give props to the writer’s for throwing in that little twist, but it won’t mean much if there aren’t more storylines to go along with it. This would also lead to (at least I hope) more interaction between he and Angela.
  • A conclusion to the Jim/Kathy storyline. After a deleted scene from “After Hours” was released, it’s apparent that Pam now knows what happened. However, I hope we still get a little confrontation between her and Kathy before this is all over. (seriously writers, we need something for Jim and Pam)
  • A promotion for Jim. Okay, this is pretty unlikely, but they he needs some sort of career change. He has been in sales for so long. (Other than the short time he was co-manager) Andy and Dwight have both moved up in the company and Jim is just as qualified if not more.
  •  Ryan Jealous. Based on a recent spoiler, I already know that Kelly will soon have a new love interest. But what I’d like to see is Ryan taken over by the green-eyed monster. Despite the fact that she deserves way better, I’ve always liked the two of them together.


As long as all of the shows return in the fall, I’m also hoping that they each end with some sort of cliffhanger. They make the summer hiatus feel super long, but it makes you all the more excited to tune back in for the season premiere!


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