“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Poetic Injustice

Grade: B+

“No better way to mend hurt feelings than with a mallet and some balls”- Shelia Shay

This week’s episode, though not as hilarious as others of the season, still had great character interactions and laughable moments.

I love that the people of Chatswin have croquet as their main sport and that many couples (like the Shays) take it so seriously. Dallas sure finds some interesting partners though! She definitely is taking full advantage of her new single life.

The jealousy that arose from Fred after reading Shelia’s diary was great. What really made me laugh was the scenario of her fantasy playing out in his head since her writing included a lot of detailed imagery. I especially enjoyed watching Fred cringe when his wife was physically teaching George how to correctly play croquet. Fred and Shelia are more minor characters, so it was nice to see them in the spotlight this week. I was both amused and a bit creeped out when she called her interest in George “A school girl fantasy.”

I could not believe Fred was asking George to make love to his wife! The best scene though was when he informed her about it in front of Lisa and Tessa. Awkward!

Tessa’s storyline of trying to impress her poetry teacher Miss Evans was almost frustrating! However, it was weird seeing her try so hard to impress an adult, when she seems to dislike most of them. And then Dahlia is suddenly the expert poet! Miss Evans clearly was not the “cool” person Tessa thought she was to think that an airhead like that knew how to write a poem.

My favorite part of that storyline was when Dahlia was given extra-credit to teach Tessa how to be an amazing poet (and when she openly admitted to not liking her). I also enjoyed Dahlia giving advice about something she had no clue about. Tessa’s mental response of “Did I just receive a lesson in human nature from the least human person I know?” was great, as well.

Based off of the end of the episode, I definitely see more to come between Dallas and George in future episodes! (Or “Georgas” now!)

Overall, while “Poetic Injustice” was not as fantastic as past episodes, it was still enjoyable to watch.




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