“The Middle” Episode Review: Leap Year

Grade: A+

“She makes eye contact, she never has her hand in her pants, and everything she eats is food”- Brick

Though yet another show decided to focus on this special day, this episode was so fantastic that it had me laughing hysterically from start to finish.

There was another leap day birthday in the world of comedy television this week, but the fact that it was Sue’s made it much funnier. While she may have been in denial, I knew that there was a slim chance that Frankie had planned any sort of party, especially after the Justin Bieber concert (plus, well…it’s Frankie). I loved that throughout the entire episode Sue was still convinced that she was indeed getting a surprise party, especially after Axl cruelly made her wait in the basement. My favorite part was when she excitedly ran from room to room, expecting to see her friends and family waiting for her to celebrate.

Just when I thought all of that couldn’t get any better, everyone ended up forgetting her birthday. (Poor Sue!) I especially felt bad when she calmly said she had cried herself to sleep the night before. Then between the last-second presents, a sleepy/clueless Carly on the phone, and the pathetic mix of left-over cakes I was laughing nonstop. And yet, Sue was pleased nonetheless.

I was so happy to see (after I posted my season wish list) that Brick now has a crush! Watching the newbie girl deal with all of the odd-ball boys was definitely a nice treat! His social group has so many quirky kids that any scenes with all of them together are always great. Their reactions to a girl joining the group were also priceless. I am so excited to see where this goes!

Mike’s storyline with his deceased cat was also fantastic. I never pictured him becoming attached to a cat and the fact that he hid it from the entire family for seven years was not surprising at all. The fact that he pretended to be fine after the cat died was very typical of him, but I loved when he snapped and said, “That’s it; I’m done loving things.”

Finally the bit with Axl suddenly being a neat freak was pretty random, but still amusing. I especially enjoyed it when he set up all of the phonebooks in the hallway to avoid getting the carpet dirty.

Other notable moments:

*Sue winking with both eyes.

*Frankie’s response to cutting Brick’s social group. “They can’t do this; you’re not fixed yet.”

*Sue’s reaction to the death of the cat Limestone (whom she just heard about 2 minutes prior) “Our cat died?!”

*Frankie handling the conflict between Brick’s social group by spraying them all with a hose.

Overall, I think this may have been one of my favorite ‘Middle’ episodes of the season! I guarantee it’ll have you laughing the whole way through!


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