“The Office” Episode Review: Test the Store

Grade: C+

“I want to watch you get dressed” -Dwight

 The Florida arc has led to some really great episodes this season, but sadly this particular one was just mediocre.

Though usually the plot back in Scranton is the only boring one, even the bit in Tallahassee was lacking in humor this week.

There wasn’t a whole lot to the cold opening, as it was very brief, but I did laugh when Erin thought the homeless guys on the street were camping out for the store’s opening.

The storyline of the Sabre store opening could have used some improvement. Nellie was just being annoying in my opinion. Ryan’s meltdown was not all that funny, but I did enjoy Jim’s impression of his mother, constantly calling him “sweetie.”

Once again, Dwight and Jim were the highlight of the episode. This Florida arc has allowed for great interaction between the two frenemies. I love how Dwight went from calling Jim an idiot at the beginning to begging him do the presentation when Ryan took off.

Jim doing the presentation was definitely amusing! The eyeliner he had to wear was great, and it was so funny that the speech Ryan had prepared on the cue cards was totally irrelevant to his own life.

Back at the office, Andy got beat up by a ten year old girl. Personally, I didn’t find the whole thing all that comical, including Toby’s self-defense class. The highlight though was Pam’s comment to the little girl (who beat up Andy) after she called her chubby. “How about we wait until next year when you have your kid?”

Other notable moments:

*Creed slapping Meredith to practice what he learned in Toby’s self-defense class.

*Angela saying she had a rape flute.

*Stanley using his pyramid holder to store pizza.

*Jim attempting to do tricks with the sign and hitting himself in the head with it by accident.

*Dwight is now Vice President!

Overall, while “Test the Store” wasn’t nearly as dull as some earlier in the season, it definitely didn’t hit the mark that the last few episodes have achieved.

Honestly, I think the Florida arc is starting to lose steam, so I’ll be happy to get everyone back in Scranton soon.


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