“The Office” Episode Review: Last Day in Florida

Grade: C+

“You might want to get to the airport early. It’s going to take you a long time to get through security with all of those beauty products.”- Dwight

The Florida arc is finally starting to come to a close, and I couldn’t be happier. What started off as a great storyline has unfortunately lost a lot of steam, particularly with the last two episodes.

The cold open with Dwight’s treasure chest was rather odd in my opinion and the poisoned darts were maybe even a little too crazy for Dwight. Creed was fantastic though, and he always makes me laugh.

In this week’s episode, the A plot focused on Dwight’s promotion to VP, which was to be short-lived thanks to Robert California. Once again, this arc in the season has allowed for great material between Jim and Dwight, and “Last Day in Florida” was no exception. They were the highlight of the episode, with so many great moments. Dwight refusing to open Jim’s present reminded me of earlier seasons, as did Jim originally being happy about never having to see him again.

However, it’s not surprising that Jim was looking out for his frenemy and wanted to warn Dwight that he was to be fired. I think it was sweet that Pam was looking out for Dwight as well by insisting that Jim make sure he knew.  They both have always seemed to have a soft spot for the guy.

The funniest scenes by far involved the tackling and wrestling between the two co-workers. Even though it was a little bit slap-stick, it still got a laugh out of me.

Finally, I was glad to see a nice moment between the men when Dwight discovered that Jim wasn’t just pulling a prank.

The B-storyline with Erin was lacking. It scares me to think that she’s taking care of an elderly woman when she is such an airhead. Normally her ditsy ways can be quite comical, but I found myself less than amused with her this week.

However, the video chat between her and Andy was cute. Since they’re both goofy, I definitely think they work well together as a couple.

I don’t have much to say at all about the cookie storyline with Kevin. The only 2 moments that made me chuckle were his attempt at a scratch-and-sniff experience and the creepy voicemail that Toby and Darryl made for him.

My other complaint was that Nellie was just boring and I never understood a word she was saying. (Robert for once didn’t bother me).

Here are a few small moments that I did enjoy:

*Gabe doing his usual butt-kissing in front of Nellie.

*Jim’s look to the camera when Robert was helping Nellie with her putting.

*Dwight’s “You think you’re excited? You should feel my nipples.”

*The reminder that the show is a documentary (specifically Jim and Darryl’s talking head scenes)

*Surprising PDA between Jim and Pam

So now there are just two questions left to be answered.

1)    Will Andy manage to bring Erin back? (Too bad I already know the answer to this one!)

2)    Is this the end of Cathy? More importantly, will we find out why she’s not back in Scranton? (Oh, and why exactly was she laughing at all of Dwight’s burns on Jim? Didn’t she just try to sleep with him a few weeks ago?)

Overall, just a mediocre episode with only Jim and Dwight having the best scenes again. But I look forward to what’s ahead for the rest of the season now that things are almost back to normal!


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