“Modern Family” Episode Review: Send Out the Clowns

Grade: A-

“They have lots of blocks to protect kids from weirdos”- Haley

Unlike some of the others this season, this week’s show didn’t have a weak storyline that brought down the overall quality of the episode.

I have to say that the Facebook storyline was probably my favorite. I love when shows incorporate parts of popular culture that so many of us can relate to. Claire’s enthusiasm with opening an account was hilarious, especially when she was convinced that the entire family needed to take pictures on a boat because she thought those were the sorts of photos people post on their profile. Of course neither Alex or Haley wanted to accept her friend request. While I can understand their side of it (I, however, do have my mom as a Facebook friend), I also felt bad for Claire. It was priceless when she was tagged in an old, embarrassing photo of her on spring break and had no idea how to remove it.

Cam as a clown has always been amusing, but seeing a group of them together was particularly funny. It was so fantastic when Mitchell was always reminding Cam that his gig as a clown was not nearly as big as he imagined in his head. My other favorite scene of this plot had to be Cam’s former show partner choking him in the middle of a birthday party performance.

Manny was particularly hilarious this episode, particularly when he was answering the door. He is such a dork! I can say that I am not at all surprised that Griffin was only there for Gloria. I was, however, not expecting to hear Manny was only using him for his sister.

Phil’s storyline was also fairly funny with his attempt to get revenge on his competing realtor. Only he would take Luke’s suggestion to use a spy pen and then foolishly give away his cover. At least everything was able to work out for him in the end though after he carefully planned a nice, little speech for his son.

Other notable moments:

*All of the clowns climbing into the tiny car.

*Manny dressed as the mascot.

* Jay attempting to be cool by dressing in leather to impress Manny ‘s friend

Overall, another ‘Modern Family’ episode worth watching!


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