“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Independence Day

Grade: B+

“In some countries I could trade you for rice”- George

This week’s episode was quite enjoyable with some unique storylines and a possible foreshadow of a future plot.

After George is late to pick up Tessa one evening, she complains to him that she deserves her own car and independence. Of course she was being a typical sassy teenager to him, which he took in stride. I loved when he was looking to Noah for advice, who turned out to be useless since his own daughter gave him a sweet phone call at the time. His cover-up was the best: “Honestly, I think she’s drunk.”

To make some money for her own set of wheels, Tessa looked to Dallas for a job and she was lucky enough to get paid a ridiculous amount up-front. Dallas’s interview included one comical question, “In what way are you like a crystal?”

One scene that I particularly enjoyed was when George went to visit Tessa’s principal. Their interaction was so unique and I found it amusing when George insisted on not knowing anything about the guy’s personal life. Also, it was funny that he found out about Tessa’s “soul-crushing poem” which I had forgotten about until then.

Meanwhile, Tessa secretly used an ad on Craigslist to find herself a motorized scooter and went to East Chatswin. I couldn’t believe she was stupid enough to go without telling her dad! (Let’s face it though; Lisa clearly doesn’t handle stressful situations well so her presence wasn’t much help) I can’t believe her rationale for the visit was that “Doug” didn’t sound like a dangerous name.

The one storyline that I truly didn’t care for was Dallas reuniting with her sorority sisters for the opening of her store. There just wasn’t a lot of humor in it, in my opinion. However, I did find it interesting that all of her sisters were African American.

Other Notable Moments:

Tessa’s friends asking if her sudden income was actually meth money.

-Dahlia sneaking out on the motorcycle her father bought for her.

-Tessa saying to George, “You’re all the mom I need.”

-Dahlia asking for a “Hangover monkey” behind her mother’s back (literally, she was texting her father while hugging Dallas)

Finally, I am quite interested to see if we will soon get to hear more about Tessa’s mother or maybe even see them interact. It could definitely lead to some interesting storylines!


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