“The Office” Episode Review: Get the Girl

Grade: B+

“I think you’re a witch”- Pam

Despite last week’s mediocre episode, I was still optimistic that we would see some improvement and I was happy to find that was indeed the case!

The cold opening with the balloon in the warehouse was so completely random, but the Scranton employees have always looked for excuses to get out of work. Despite the fact that it was a bit silly, I still laughed at everyone’s enthusiasm.

I will admit that I groaned at first when Nellie entered the office. I haven’t really enjoyed her character much and the thought of having her there didn’t thrill me. (I was also wondering why Robert California hadn’t fired her yet.) The conference scene with her was quite boring, though I did appreciate the fact that the employees seemed pretty annoyed by her presence.

However, I felt that the storyline drastically picked up in the second half of the episode. The fact that Nellie was going to give performance reviews without knowing anyone personally led to some funny interaction. I loved that Dwight refused to cooperate and yet he ended up with a raise (as did everyone else apparently). My favorite scene though had to be the one with Pam. The fact that Nellie was trying to win her over by offering her a nap was priceless.

I also enjoyed the bit where Nellie was calling herself Tinkerbell and everyone was suddenly on her side, cheering her on. Great to see that Jim hasn’t fallen for it yet and is just as annoyed by her as the rest of us! (Though I’m sure she will try to break him at some point)

Another scene within that plot that definitely made me laugh was when Dwight took over Darryl’s office, only to be physically removed by the man himself. And then Creed sitting at Dwight’s desk was fantastic!

The other storyline of the episode involved Andy driving down to Florida to get Erin, and refusing to leave without her. I am a huge fan of Jim and Pam, but I also think Andy and Erin are perfect for one another. Their scenes were mostly played for romance, but there were still some great jokes. The ending was especially comical when Erin said “I love you” to the wrong car and when she told Andy that she didn’t need a toothbrush because “there’s always one sitting around.”

Other notable moments:

*Angela insulting Jim by saying, “The way Pam trusted you to provide for her so she didn’t have to work.”

*Andy’s annoying voicemail (reminded me of his “Rockin’ Robin” one)

*Robert telling Jim he could take the family to “Disneytown.”

*Meredith saying she already spent the money from her raise (which might not have even been legitimate)

*All of Jim’s classic faces throughout the episode

*Nellie’s pathetic nameplate

One thing I have to say is that the Florida arc has really brought a new kind of energy into the show and even at its worst has really made the latter half of Season Eight fantastic to watch. 😉

(One complaint though….are we going to find out why Cathy has disappeared?)


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