“Modern Family” Episode Review: Election Day

Grade: B+

“She feels great. Her spirits are high. The whole family is high!”-Phil

While the local election was not as hilarious as I expected, the episode still proved to be entertaining.

It’s no surprise that Claire loves competing so watching her deal with obstacles is always amusing. Her fake tooth falling out and then causing a lisp during the radio interview had me laughing! How humiliating would that have been? I also found it funny that everyone kept calling it her “drunk voice.”

I was a bit disappointed that Phil didn’t chauffeur around a bunch of the elderly because I thought it would have been amusing to watch him deal with so many senior citizens. Driving around his elderly neighbor proved to be challenging enough though and I enjoyed the conversation in the car with Phil about being out of oxygen and not remembering if he needed to eat with his medication.

Jay encountering an old love was rather uninteresting. I didn’t think there was much hilarity involved and it was a topic that was fairly unoriginal.

My absolute favorite storyline involved Cam and Mitchell driving around in the car using the speaker system to patrol the city. (“Hey, dragon tattoo, no jaywalking!”) It got even better when the button to the megaphone got stuck and the two discussed an acquaintance’s gay fiancé not knowing she could hear them.

*Other notable moments:

*Phil’s anecdote about Claire selling the Girl Scout cookies.

* Gloria realizing she could never be in radio since her looks are the only thing that get her whatever she wants.

*The ‘congratulations’ sign being switched to ‘condolences’ after Claire lost.

*Haley’s excitement at being “waitlisted” at her final option for college.

Overall, while Modern Family was not my favorite show of the evening, I was glad to see a new episode nonetheless!


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