“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Down Time

Grade: A

“You’re just naming black people”-Lisa

With this week’s episode pulling something right off of my season wish list and hilariously executing it, I certainly can’t complain!

The major plot this week involved Tessa dealing with Lisa and Malik’s new relationship, and as a result, beginning to feel like a third-wheel.  I loved the close-up shots, slow motion, and seductive music whenever the couple were eating cheese, ice cream, or even just using the drinking fountain. Tessa’s disgusted reaction was perfect.

Her solo night alone at home certainly made me chuckle, especially when she got “reacquainted with old friends” by getting out Barbies from her childhood. After Lisa and Malik’s attempts to set her up with Evan (who clearly is anything but smooth with the ladies) failed, it was a nice surprise for Lisa’s brother Ryan to take an interest in her.

He’s certainly just as dorky as the rest of his family, especially with lines like “You want to get something to eat? You’re pajamas are making me hungry” and “You are going to have wicked gas tonight.”

I am definitely curious to see if this romance blossoms throughout the end of the season, and I think it will!

One of my favorite scenes of the episode was Sheila Shay’s sudden interest in her daughter’s new boyfriend with compliments, packing him a lunch, and inviting him to spend the night! Poor Lisa!

Though obviously less funny than the other two storylines, I enjoyed seeing Dallas and Dahlia finally express their true feelings about the divorce. I do think that Dahlia’s interaction with the dog and getting a pet kangaroo were a bit ridiculous, but I did appreciate her idiocy (“Angerment, resent, bitterness”) to some degree.

Other notable moments:

*Lisa clearly still seeing her pediatrician and her mom answering all health questions for her

*Lisa’s “I’m not a tweenager, I’m practically old enough to vote.”

*Dallas tweeting #midtweet. (love pop culture references!)

Overall, a significant improvement from the last episode with a ton of comical moments!


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