“The Middle” Episode Review: Get Your Business Done

Grade: A

“He has to put on his pull-ups before bed but you can’t call them diapers or he will freak-out” -Tyler’s mom

What a fantastic return for “The Middle” after the month long hiatus!

Who knew that a visit for the Hecks to a church service so very different from their own would lead to so many great storylines?

Even though that opening was interesting, I will admit that I’m glad that the entire episode was not just about the Hecks adjusting to a new church, but some rather unique attempts at “getting your business done.”

I think that my favorite storyline was Sue’s baby”sue”ting business.  I was expecting her to make an idiot of herself by having no idea how to babysit a small child whatsoever. (Not that I do!) What I was not expecting was that child to be a temperamental fourteen year old boy with clearly a lot of issues. Tyler’s parents’ instructions were already hysterical with the space pants, but them revealing that their son was under the impression that he was the babysitter was priceless. It got even better when Tyler put his arm around Sue and she had to call in Mike for help. (who couldn’t handle the kid either)

I thought it was great to see some brother “bonding” between Brick and Axl after Brick decided his “business” involved getting himself a new bed. Only Axl would suggest he sleep on an activity table, and then inside the box! Once they started playing air hockey, I was really happy to see Brick finally beat him at something non-academic related (even if he did say it involved math). Brick also had some of the best lines of the show, including “Think about it, you’ll be going off to college in 1 to 3 years” and, about Axl’s guitar pick, “I like to lick it. This way I don’t have to do it in secret anymore.”

Frankie’s storyline was amusing, as well. In particular I enjoyed her insomnia as she struggled to decide what her “business” was and also her episode after getting her arm stuck in the blood pressure machine. She definitely looked more than a little stressed! At least she finally discovered what made her happy at the end.

Other notable moments:

*Mike taking care of his business with his dad in a two minute phone call.

*Frankie’s pathetic attempt at beading, and Mike’s reaction to it.

*The worker at the drug store telling Frankie that he wasn’t allowed to touch customers anymore.

*Brick finally getting Axl’s bed and making him sleep in the box.

Overall, yet another excellent episode of the season!


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