“The Office” Episode Review: Welcome Party

Grade: B+

“You don’t have a copyright on pranks. I may be better at this than you”-Pam

Knowing that Nellie was going to be a focus of this episode worried me a bit, but watching the other characters talk about how much they disliked her made this episode certainly worthwhile!

The last few cold openings have been rather amusing, and this week was no exception. I enjoyed watching the employees debate over whether or not Stanley had a mustache. Sadly, I too was trying to remember!

The most hilarious storyline of the episode by far was when Robert asked the party planning committee to put a little celebration together for Nellie (whom he creepily took an interest to). I was so happy to see Pam return to her mischievous ways when she suggested that they make the party as awful as possible.

I particularly loved when they decided to use Pam as a codename for Nellie. (On a similar note, I chuckled when Darryl said Ryan was called douchebag by the other warehouse workers and he responded “Hey, that’s not a code name, that’s an insult!”) My favorite moment of that storyline was everyone shouting “we hate Pam” as a dig at their new boss, as well as Jim being totally confused at first as to why his wife was accepting all of the insults.

Though there wasn’t much going on in the scenes between Nellie, Jim, and Dwight, it was the perfect opportunity for more interaction between the two frenemies. In terms of plot progression, it led to a magician being invited to the Dunder Mifflin party to annoy Nellie. The magician’s reaction to Jim and Pam revealing the secrets behind all of his tricks was priceless.

Finally, while Erin and Andy can sometimes annoy me, I feel like their storyline was sprinkled with some funny bits too. The two things that stood out the most to me were Jessica’s family heavily intoxicated during a daytime bachelorette party and Andy eating the gummy penises.

Other notable moments:

*Jim telling Pam that he and Dwight were “hauling cube” at Nellie’s place to make it sound more interesting.

*Dwight’s, “I really should have a tweeter account.”

*Creed being invited to play his ridiculously long song at the party

*Kevin complaining about the choice of dessert by saying, “This cake has vegetables in it, like a salad bar.”

Overall, “Welcome Party” was an episode that I would not hesitate to watch again!


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