“Modern Family” Episode Review: The Last Walt

Grade: C+

“You know how when someone yawns, it makes you yawn?” –Phil, trying not to puke

While “The Last Walt” was certainly not the worst episode of the season, I still often found myself daydreaming at times when humor was a bit flat.

This week’s main storyline was about Luke dealing with the death of his elderly neighbor and friend, Walt. I know he is just a kid, but I was still pretty annoyed that he showed next to no emotion about the whole thing. Maybe it hasn’t hit him yet? I did find it amusing that Claire’s only way to cope with bad news is by smiling when she delivers it!

I found it interesting that we finally got to see Cam and Mitchell’s fathers interact, especially with the two growing up in very separate lifestyles (city vs. country). Jay was particularly annoyed about the way Cam’s dad was treating Mitchell (“He treats my son like the wife in the relationship”), but it was definitely nice that they were able to relate to each other in the end.

Phil’s attempt at bonding with Alex was rather uneventful until he decided that the best way to make their night special was to make the pregnant waitress go into labor, hoping that he and Alex could be the ones to deliver the baby.  Definitely not something I’d want to be doing with my dad! Having that “special” moment become Alex puking all over the floor from too much diner food was rather unexpected. While I would have been mortified, the two seemed to have a good laugh over it.

Honestly, I didn’t quite get the point of Haley throwing the party at Jay and Gloria’s house. There wasn’t much substance to that storyline. “Uncle” Manny behaving as the chaperone, however, was priceless.

*Other noteworthy moments:

-Walt’s dog tags being stolen by seagulls in Phil’s attempt to drop them in the ocean.

-Mitchell yelling at his dad to come to his house by saying “Knock it off, old man!”

-Phil insisting that his last wish is to have his skeleton be used in a science class with women.

Overall, this week’s episode was one that struggled to keep my attention.



3 responses to ““Modern Family” Episode Review: The Last Walt

  1. I was bored last week, but loved last night’s episode. I think part of it is actually a pacing issue, where last night they had a timing that I liked. And I also felt like the jokes were fresher last night.

  2. I just Googled, “Modern Family ‘when someone pukes.’ ” Oh my, that one bit had me laughing so hard! I so wish I could find a clip of just that bit, Phil tossing napkins at Alex, priceless! Haha

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