“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Entering Eden

Grade: B+

“My throat’s closing!” -George

While this week’s episode may not have had me laughing non-stop from start to finish, I still found it to be quite enjoyable.

The main storyline involved George developing interest in Eden after meeting her at what I assume was some outdoor market/health fair in Chatswin. I actually found it pretty amusing that he took an interest in her so quickly, but it was probably due to the fact that most of the Chatswin women don’t exactly seem to be his type. Such a horrible “first date” for George and Eden though when he suffered an allergic reaction to the health drink, but certainly funny to watch!

The scene with the two of them in the hospital was entertaining, particularly when Eden told the nurse that George’s last name was “Foreman” (because she couldn’t remember) and the nurse telling them she needed medication because they were making her sick.

One thing I was not expecting was Noah and Jill to say that they were having a baby, and that Eden was their surrogate! Nice, little twist by the writers! I hope that things work out between George and Eden though, because I would like to see how Tessa responds to that.

The other storyline had Dahlia “sweeping” her mom’s beloved dog out the door due to jealousy. Seeing the act on the security camera was hysterical!

I honestly had a feeling that Mr. Wolf was going to somehow find the dog and take it in, though the ridiculous, matching green sweaters was a bit of a surprise. I felt that Tessa and Dahlia chasing him to get the pooch back was a bit too drawn out, but at least they were successful in the end. I particularly liked how that storyline was wrapped, with Dahlia saying to Dallas, “I promise I’ll never sweep again.”

Other noteworthy moments:

*Lisa buying a gift for her “monthiversary” with Malik

*Jill saying she didn’t want to carry the baby because she was too busy writing her book called Making Time for What Matters.

*Noah attempting to keep George from seeing Eden by saying, “How would you feel if Jill and I wanted to have sex on top of Tessa?”

Overall, while not as fantastic as last week’s, “Entering Eden” was certainly still a solid episode.


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