“The Office” Episode Review: Angry Andy

Grade: A

“I’d rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that love?”- Ryan

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can confidently say that I haven’t enjoyed an episode this much since “Tallahassee”!

This week focused on Andy and Erin returning to Scranton to find that Nellie has forcefully taken over the manager position. I could not believe that she refused to give Andy back his office, especially to her boss, Robert California. The supposed sexual tension between Nellie and Robert is just plain creepy though.

While I found it stupid that Nellie was slowly docking Andy’s paycheck to get him to leave her office, it was hilarious that Angela happily complied.

Apparently Andy’s stress and frustration from work carried over into his sex life and Erin was dumb enough to talk to Dwight about it (calling it “penal softosis”). Naturally Dwight informed Nellie of the news, saying “Andy lost his masculinity, so congratulations on that.”

What occurred next in the conference room meeting had me both cringing and chuckling. With the word “impotence” written on the board, I knew a lot of craziness was about to ensue. Pam insisting Jim tell a personal (though untrue) story about impotence to make Andy feel better was fantastic, especially when he started off with, “We’d had sex so many times already…” My favorite part was when Dwight was attempting to prove his “manhood” right in front of his co-workers and boss (many of whom didn’t even try to look away!)

Andy losing his temper in a later scene wasn’t quite as funny this time around (compared to season 3), but it was interesting to see Erin flip out. Now that Andy has officially quit, where does this leave his girlfriend? And please tell me that Nellie disappears by the end of the season!

The sub-plot of the episode was certainly not short on humor either! Jim and Pam set Kelly up with their Indian pediatrician (even though Pam insisted race wasn’t the only thing the two had in common).

I absolutely loved seeing Ryan so jealous, even though he confirmed multiple times that he is a horrible boyfriend. One example was when he mentioned how he was only in love with Kelly at the moment and probably wouldn’t be in a few days.  (Ryan actually had a ton of great lines this episode.) I also laughed when Pam discussed with Kelly that he cheated on her in the past and she replied “which time?”

The fact that even Oscar, Kevin, and creepy Nate insisted Ravi (the doctor) was better for Kelly is definitely saying something!

Finally, Kelly choosing Ravi in the end and still making out with Ryan was so typical. I couldn’t have agreed more with Jim’s comment of, “It’s good to see Kelly’s maturing.”

*Other notable moments:

*The cold opening with Phyllis and her clichés.

*Erin asking for Toby’s help in the conference room and him replying, “HR is a joke. I can’t do anything about anything.”

*Darryl’s line, “He does not like that wall” after Andy lost his temper again.

*Jim and Pam crying over Ryan’s ridiculously cheesy poem.

Overall, an Office episode that definitely left me satisfied and smiling! (That’s what she said!)


2 responses to ““The Office” Episode Review: Angry Andy

  1. I didn’t watch because Nellie was in it. I never watch The Office again because of Nellie. Catherine Tate has ruined The Office.

  2. this episode was pretty bad grade c-. The closest I came to laughing even once was when Daryl tries to console Andy by saying your in way better shape then I am. It was really lazy writing. This episode is just another step down the path to the office becoming a super lame show made to satisfy the simple minded masses like the big bang theory or anything gay like that.

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