“The Office” Episode Review: Fundraiser

Grade: A-

“I guess he’s the stupid one in the office. Up until now, we didn’t have one”- Kevin

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised again by yet another great ‘Office’ episode this week!

While the subject of the cold open was quite random (though it always is), I particularly enjoyed the minor dispute between Ryan and Pam. You can tell that he annoys her, so it’s nice to watch her try and humiliate him a little.

This week’s episode revolved around Angela’s husband, the senator, holding a fundraiser dinner/ auction to raise money for a dog shelter.  This led to the many other storylines that took place because of the event.

Apparently Andy is still having a rather difficult time coping with the fact that he is now unemployed. I love when Dwight walked into the office after seeing Andy camping out in his car and announced, “I don’t want to alarm people, but there’s a distinct chance that we’re all about to be killed.” Even Nellie’s response was quite humorous: “I knew this would happen. Everybody told me that if I moved to America, I’d be murdered.”

I honestly can’t believe Andy wanted to come to the dinner, when it was clear he was starting to lose his mind a little. I loved how bluntly honest Kevin was though, saying “This is weird” as soon as he saw him.  I did enjoy how Andy refused to leave the fundraiser and bought his own table just because Robert California felt it best that he leave. The fact that Andy decided to adopt all of those poor dogs was a bit ridiculous though. However, it was nice to see that other workers in the office decided to take some of the dogs home instead.

My favorite storyline involved Oscar insisting he was being hit on by Angela’s husband after he gave Oscar his number.  His excitement was priceless when he said, “This confirms three things: I’m right about the senator, I’ve still got it, and poor Angela.” I particularly loved that Pam was on Oscar’s side, which led Jim to prove the senator was giving his telephone number out to anyone. I thought it was hilarious that Oscar and Pam joked that maybe he thought Jim was gay! It turned out that Meredith received his number too, but the Senator touching Oscar’s arm at the end certainly suggested something!

Though Dwight being confused at the process of a silent auction wasn’t all that original, I still found it amusing, particularly the fact that it made Kevin feel much smarter. Jim’s reaction to discovering Dwight’s idiotic mistake was absolutely perfect. I even enjoyed the little amused glances between Jim and Pam while Dwight was giving his speech. It reminded me of earlier seasons when they always antagonized him.

I’m not quite sure why there was a storyline involving Nellie eating a taco for the first time. It was a bit strange and pointless, and yet I still laughed when she was scooping the filling out of the shell and into her mouth.

*Other notable moments:

-Creed saying, “I don’t want to get raped” when bidding on self-defense classes.

-Oscar reenacting the loving look the senator gave him to Jim and Pam, as well as Jim being totally oblivious to what it meant.

-David Wallace’s appearance! I also laughed when he said that “Suck It!” ended up making him ridiculously rich.

-Darryl convincing Nellie it takes $30 to buy two tacos.

-Pam and Oscar making fun of Jim’s style, particularly her line of “Well, a gay man wouldn’t wear the store leaving those shoes.”

Overall, storylines that take place out of the office are usually a risk, but I definitely enjoyed “Fundraiser.” There were so many hilarious one-liners that really made the episode fantastic!


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