“Modern Family” Episode Review: Planes, Train, and Cars

Grade: B+

“I’d like to take her for a spin. Let’s get her top down and see what she can do”- Phil

While not a huge improvement from the last episode, this was still one that I enjoyed.

Phil went car shopping and though he intended to get a similar model to his old one, he ended up going home with a convertible, which was totally impractical for his family’s needs. I loved the responses from all of his kids, particularly Luke asking if his mom had given permission and Haley being mistaken that the car was for her. When Phil later took the mini-van, I knew he’d immediately regret buying the convertible since he’s such a family man. However, I wasn’t expecting Claire to take it to the beach for a day by herself and then lose the keys in the process.

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell were desperately attempting to retrieve Lilly’s lost Bunny after losing it on the train. The talking head interview where the two of them couldn’t stay awake was priceless after Lilly had kept them up all night worrying about the toy.

That storyline had some of the best scenes of the episode, in my opinion. I loved when Cam and Mitchell found a homeless man at the station sleeping with the toy and as they went to go grab it, he disgustingly coughed all over it. The scene where they were trying to convince Lilly that Bunny was on a trip was also amusing, especially when she flat out said “Bunny doesn’t talk.”

The third storyline involved Jay, Gloria, and Manny taking a trip so that Jay could reunite with some of his high school football pals. I could not have agreed with Gloria more when she insisted that small planes were death traps and that they should drive instead. I was not expecting their car to break down, nor was I anticipating the fact that the mechanic would have his own helicopter. You would think that considering Gloria and Manny were also afraid of riding in that, Jay wouldn’t have even suggested hopping onto a moving train to get to the reunion on time. But that’s what made it so funny!

*Other notable moments:

-Mitchell saying that the reason he failed to catch Bunny was because he was busy “Purelling.”

-Gloria’s line “We wouldn’t be in the air, we’d be in rock and roll heaven” when she was reminding Jay how potentially dangerous those small planes can be.

-Lilly saying, “He doesn’t have a girlfriend, he has a boyfriend” about Bunny and her dads being so touched by it.

Overall, while not the most hilarious episode, still one that kept me entertained.



One response to ““Modern Family” Episode Review: Planes, Train, and Cars

  1. Thanks so much for your review on Modern Family! I love watching it, I am a late watcher though. I started watching at the beginning of season 3. From what I have watched it is a hilarious show. Since I work during the week at Dish I don’t have time to watch it. Luckily I have my Hopper that records all my primetime shows for me for 8 days so that when I do have some time I can go back and watch them. The Hopper even lets you skip through commercials in primetime TV! I can’t wait to go home and watch it this weekend.

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