“Suburgatory” Review: Hear No Evil

Grade: A

“Picture her insides full of blood, mucous, and baby bones” -Noah

Though this week’s episode continued some of the previously established storylines, I felt it was a definite improvement from “Entering Eden.”

The focus this week was mainly on George and Eden, and how their new relationship is affecting everyone else. Noah is by far the most concerned about it, being very protective over his “investment.” (Eden) I couldn’t believe he went so far as to make George sign a contract, which caused him to avoid kissing Eden at all costs. I particularly loved George’s excuse that he “had to go number two” so that he and Eden wouldn’t go too far.

It was especially exciting to see Tessa and Eden interact for the first time, though it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I had hoped since Tessa was absorbed with her work. The fact that she was dragged by George to the ultrasound was perfect, particularly when Eden began asking about a healthy sex life during pregnancy and Tessa was dying to make an escape to the vending machine.

At the end, George inviting Eden to move in with them was not overly surprising, but I am quite intrigued to see how this arc continues to play out!

Another storyline of the episode had Tessa being named “Ultimate Sales Manager Grand Supreme” at the crystal shop by Dallas and suddenly transforming into the stereotypical woman of Chatswin.  She seemed to be a bit brainwashed, especially when she said to George “Dallas says nails aren’t just nails; they’re crystal display sticks.” It was definitely nice to see a different side to Tessa for once, but hopefully being demoted to part-time will cause her to go back to her normal self.

Finally, after Shelia Shay was so concerned/obsessed with Eden’s surrogacy, Lisa was under the impression that she had been adopted herself. I found it hilarious that she was so determined to prove that she had better parents somewhere else (“If I’m not biologically related to my family, then there’s still hope”). I’m anxious to see the results of the DNA test, though I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation behind all of the clues Lisa found.

*Other notable moments:

*Dallas wishing Dahlia would pick-up Tessa’s work ethic after she saw her lounging in a chair texting.

*The Shay family secrets being hidden in the pottery shed.

*Jill having a pregnancy portrait painted of herself.

*Lisa creepily using a cotton swab to scrape the inside of her mother’s house for a DNA test.

Overall, a truly great episode with many cliffhangers that I am excited to watch play out!


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