“The Middle” Episode Review: The Guidance Counselor

Grade: A

“I went from being invisible to being mistaken for an Asian flu”-Sue

Whenever this show goes on a brief hiatus, it’s hard for me not to enjoy the next new episode when the show finally returns!

The main storyline involved Frankie and Mike deciding to get a new bed, and all of the “classic” arguments that surfaced throughout the process.  The various scenarios, such as “He won’t ask for help. She won’t shut up about it,” that interrupted throughout the episode were hilarious! Many of them were quite cliché, but so very evident in everyday life! I was particularly amused at watching the couple struggle to put together their new bed. The scene where Frankie found a left-over piece/part when Mike thought it was finished was absolutely priceless. I also wasn’t surprised that their argument finally escalated at the end after Mike called Frankie by her mom’s name.

Poor Brick was having a tough time with the presidential fitness test. As someone with poor athletic ability, I totally understand why he hated it so much. The fact that he couldn’t manage a push-up wasn’t all that surprising, and I felt quite bad for him. My only problem with this storyline was that there didn’t seem to be much of a wrap-up.

Sue took her “uniqueness” to a whole new level this week, which turned out to be incredibly entertaining. I was happy to see her bond with the school counselor who appeared to be in the same sort of position in high school. (“Nobody knew who I was, and I was the only black kid!”) I never expected their little meeting, however, to lead to a new identity: “Suki.” She was so determined to be a different person that she ended up looking like even more of a dork! (especially her outfit) I thought it was fantastic that all of the teachers thought she was a new, foreign exchange student.

My favorite moment of that storyline had to be when the counselor, Miss Marsh, not only managed to speak her mind to the other teachers, but also got Sue into the yearbook. I could not stop laughing when her picture was place under the words “Gone too soon” because the memorial  page was the only space that was left.

Other notable moments:

*The annoying cheerleaders having no idea that the school had wrestlorettes, or even a wrestling team!

*Axl attempting a pull-up on the door and getting his fingers slammed when it closed

*Frankie calling the 800-number for assistance with the bed and finding out there was a 6 hour waiting period.

Overall, a more than solid return for “The Middle”!


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