“The Office” Episode Review: Turf War

Grade: C+

“Sometimes I wonder if I have ovaries in my scrotum, because I love girl talk” –Gabe

With only one episode left until the season finale, I have to admit that I was disappointed that “Turf Wars” was not nearly as entertaining as last week’s and often failed to keep my attention.

The cold episode was one of the highlights, however, with Jim convincing Dwight and Gabe that the best way to decide who was stronger was with a thigh curl contest. I thought the cheesy sleepover picture was a bit much, but I did laugh when Dwight and Gabe were so sore from the work-out that they couldn’t even walk.

This week’s main storyline involved Jim and Dwight fighting another salesman at the Syracuse branch for the same client. I thought it was funny that the two of them developed a fake salesman (Lloyd) just to avoid the commission cap, and Pam’s sketch of Lloyd was pretty amusing too. I thought the fact that they chose Toby to pose as Lloyd was a bit odd though and the scene itself was lacking in humor.

I did enjoy when Dwight and Jim raced their competitor to the potential client, particularly when Dwight was determined to make the elevator get stuck so that Jim had time to beat them on the stairs.

As you may have figured out, I don’t care for Robert California or Nellie, so the storyline between the two of them was hardly entertaining. Pam’s presence in this particular plot sadly didn’t add to it either, though I did laugh when she attempted to get out of helping Robert and couldn’t think of a single thing she was busy with.

Finally, I found myself actually a bit confused as to what Andy was even trying to accomplish by hanging out around Dunder Mifflin and then trying to take the aforementioned client for himself. I’m a bit annoyed that it sounded like “The Michael Scott Paper Company” at first, but hopefully the fact that David Wallace is being brought in temporarily means there will be an interesting ending.

*Other Notable Moments:

*Robert California walking into the office, telling everyone to be quiet, and then puking in the garbage can near Jim’s desk.

*When the other Dunder Mifflin salesman came in looking for Dwight & Jim and Erin didn’t know their last names.

*Jim trying to slow down the salesman on the road by only opening the guy’s car door.

*Dwight’s pants falling down in the elevator.

Overall, I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this one, but I am hoping that the season finale will be much better!




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