“Modern Family” Episode Review: Disneyland

Grade: A-

“Hey, he was a great president and the first robot I ever saw”- Jay

Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve always enjoyed the Disneyworld episodes of “Roseanne” and “Full House” but this week’s “Modern Family” definitely didn’t disappoint me!

With the usual group of characters and a new setting to explore, there were so many simultaneous storylines!

In an attempt to keep Haley away from the “bad boys” after graduation, Claire had her friend’s well-behaved son, Ethan, join them on their Disney adventure. I loved that he and Alex actually hit it off together and that Claire was so determined to keep them apart, hoping he’d take an interest in Haley instead. It was a nice twist when Haley’s ex Dylan, whom apparently works at the park now, made a surprise reappearance. I wonder just how long their rekindled romance will last this time.

Phil and Luke were so excited to spend their time on all of the rides, but one round on a roller coaster had Phil wobbling all over the street and unable to stand up straight. He is certainly excellent at physical comedy! I couldn’t help but laugh when he was relieved to find out he only had the flu and was not just suffering from signs of old age. Jay’s comment of “I gotta pop a Dramamine to get on my swivel chair” seemed to worry him quite a bit!

Gloria thought it was more than appropriate to wear a pair of her highest heels for the day, even though Jay tried to warn her against the idea. Jay finding the picture of her on the ride holding her shoes was priceless and I liked that he ended up buying her a pair of slippers that looked like Minnie Mouse’s shoes.

Lilly was put on a child-leash by Cam and Mitchell to keep her from getting lost in the park, but it didn’t seem to work out all that well. The scene with her leash getting tangled with two other toddlers (like dogs) was a bit over-the-top,  but I still found it to be entertaining.

Finally, Manny spent the entire day worrying about some fake stocks for a school project. I totally agreed with Gloria who was annoyed by his nose being buried in his phone the entire time. Honestly, I think this storyline could have been cut.

*Other notable moments:

Phil and Luke’s enthusiasm for the first ride only to find there was a 45 minute wait.

-Dylan hiding in the Little John costume to talk to Haley, and then Ethan knocking him down so that he was unable to get back up.

-Claire insisting everyone eat before leaving because she said the happiest place on earth was also one of the most expensive places to dine on earth.

Overall, I felt this week’s episode was quite an improvement from the previous!



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