“Suburgatory” Episode Review: The Great Compromise

Grade: B-

“She’s got that baby wrapped around her uterus”- Shelia

While this week’s episode was decent, I did not find it nearly as entertaining as “Hear No Evil.”

The main storyline this week was by far the most engaging, and involved a continuation of the relationship between Tessa, Eden, and George. I loved seeing Tessa’s maturity level drop due to annoyance/jealousy of her dad’s new girlfriend, though she was being rather rude at times to Eden (including her question “How long are you in town for?”) I did find it amusing, however, that Eden was cooking rather strange organic food and insisted that no Internet be used in the house for the baby’s health.

I was shocked when Eden agreed to help Tessa get the internship in the city, and George’s reaction was priceless, particularly when he inadvertently kept saying “Shut up” to Eden every time she mentioned the words “Tessa” and “commute” together.  I am curious to see if Tessa manages to snag the position though! (if George will allow it)

I wasn’t all that entertained with Malik and Lisa actively deciding which camp they should attend over the summer. There didn’t seem to be much substance to the plot. The other storyline where Dallas was dealing with Dahlia’s crazy kangaroo was a bit silly in my opinion.

*Other notable moments:

-Noah awkwardly telling the fetus his life story for 3 hours.

-Lisa using air quotes around the phrase “mother” when thanking Shelia.

-Tessa letting it slip to Eden that George usually comes down to breakfast in sweatpants and with a nasal strip still on his face.

Overall, this was an episode that definitely seemed to fall short of last week’s!



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