“The Middle” Episode Review: The Clover

Grade: A

“I wonder if I can hide her in our basement? There’s a tv…she can come up for holidays”- Frankie

This week’s episode of The Middle was certainly not short on humor and even brought in some of the show’s minor, recurring characters for a few unique storylines.

It was prom time again and Axl somehow found himself to be Weird Ashley’s date for the second year in a row, which wasn’t all that surprising. I was not expecting, however, for Axl’s friend Darren to ask Sue to go with him. I love how enthusiastic she was, especially when she kept joking to Axl that she and Darren were going to get married and have babies together. I also really enjoyed the scene where Sue felt the need to discuss a curfew time with her mom (after reading her beloved teen magazine) and Frankie was not worried in the least.

The fact that Weird Ashley dumped Axl before prom was perfect. It was also a nice touch when he was unable to find a girl interested in him at the dance and ended up “comforting” Ashley in the end anyway.

Another storyline had Brick believing he was being cursed by a four-leaf clover he found. After the news of the library’s closing was released, Brick discovered a tick on his neck, and suffered other misfortunes, he was convinced the clover was actually bad luck. It was incredibly amusing when his “Grandpa Big Mike” insisted on turning Brick into a real man by burning the tick out of his skin and also by teaching him how to use a blowtorch.

Finally, I think my favorite plot of the episode was Frankie desperately searching for someone to take care of her elderly aunt after she nearly started a housefire and couldn’t figure out how to use the telephone (even with pictures on it!) I loved the scene where Mike and Frankie were interviewing potential caretakers, all of whom were a bit crazy. My favorite individuals were the guy who kept saying “I love old ladies” and the teenager who wanted to party with Aunt Edie. I was happy to see Frankie finally find another older woman in the end to fill the position, one with a little more mental stability!

*Other notable moments:

Sue’s ridiculous dress and dancing at her first prom.

-Aunt Edie not knowing how to hang up the telephone despite the giant red button there to help.

-Frankie being so disappointed about the library closing by saying to Brick “No! That’s where I dump you all summer for free babysitting.”

Overall, another strong episode as we head towards the end of the season!


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