“The Office” Episode Review: Free Family Portrait Studio

Grade: C+

“Nobody’s calling you crazy, Andy. We’re your friends, Andy”-Toby

For a season finale, I have to admit that I was quite disappointed that this episode was so mediocre. After the Florida arc, I know the writers still have it in them, but this particular finale didn’t showcase their potential.

The cold opening with Oscar using his computer’s webcam to film a video (at work) was just strange. I did chuckle though when Kelly appeared on camera trying to touch-up her makeup.

The main storyline had Andy returning to the office dressed as a janitor and begging Nellie to give him work, even though it was all part of a plan to announce to everyone later that David Wallace was promoting him to manager again. I thought all of Andy’s scenes were rather dry, and it also bothered me that his co-workers thought he had gone so crazy that he had been hallucinating about meeting with David. Also, having Andy pretend that he truly lost his mind seemed a bit too ridiculous, even for him. (especially the scenes where he was mopping the carpet and when he spilled soup all over himself)

I did, however, find Dwight’s storyline rather amusing. I loved his idea of the free family portraits as a scheme to steal DNA from Angela’s baby. The fact that he was so obvious about it too was priceless, particularly when he was going to cut Phillip’s nails with scissors and when he was going to gently scrape some dead skin cells from the baby’s neck. I also enjoyed watching Angela chase after Dwight to retrieve the dirty diaper. It was hilarious when she thought she had caught him and it turned out to be Mose in disguise! After Angela and Dwight’s make-out session in the waiting room, I’m pretty convinced that the baby really is his.

The episode certainly ended with a number of cliff-hangers. Is Dwight really Phillip’s father? Will Angela find out about the Senator being gay? Is Nellie seriously staying at Dunder Mifflin? And is David Wallace back on the show again as C.E.O?

I did find the episode’s conclusion rather confusing though, particularly the tag with Oscar and the Senator’s brief moment.

*Other notable moments:

-Jim trying to protect his kids during the family portrait because he was convinced Dwight was out to get them

-Creed posing with his even older parents for a picture

-Erin giving the Senator a map to get to the back of the office.

Overall, I have to say that it’s a shame that the season ended on such a weak note.


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