“Modern Family” Episode Review: Tableau Vivant

Grade: C+

Unlike last week’s episode “Disneyland,” I often found myself daydreaming throughout many of the scenes.

None of the storylines worked together very well and I did not feel that they tied in together cohesively at the end.

Luke was awarded with a medal by his school for putting out a fire that he actually started when he was snooping around in a chemistry lab. I was at least happy to see that Manny wanted him to be honest about the situation. Not much else occurred with this story though, and we didn’t even get to see the actual ceremony where Luke received the honor.

Gloria was in a minor dispute with Jay because she was jealous about his long-term relationship with a waitress at his favorite restaurant, even though it was just because she knew so much about him. Personally, I don’t picture Gloria feeling threatened often, so I didn’t find the plot all that believable.

Phil had to “fire” Mitchell from his company because Mitchell was only doing him a favor and was not exactly well-respected by the other employees. Phil was so bad at confrontation though and wasn’t very clear about his intentions. I did find it funny that he called himself a “stress blinker” whenever he found himself in uncomfortable situations.

Claire and Cam had an argument regarding his parenting style after he refused to let anyone use the word “no” to Lilly. The one scene that I really enjoyed was when  he got his hand stuck in the garbage disposal and Claire tricked him into thinking that Lilly had turned on the switch.

Finally, Alex had to recreate a famous painting with her family for 90 seconds in front of a live audience. Once again, this storyline had a difficult time holding my attention.

*Notable moments:

-Alex being pleased that even though she got a B on her project, her cute teacher finally got her name right.

-Mitchell getting stuck in the elevator and Phil trying to close the doors just to avoid confrontation.

-No one in the family remaining silent during the painting reenactment, but yet continuing to smile during their arguments.

Overall, definitely not an episode that I would eagerly go back and re-watch.



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