“Suburgatory” Episode Review: The Motherload

Grade: C

“You know, that’s one thing I admire about Dahlia. She puts her own happiness before everyone else’s’”-Dallas

For a finale, I was originally optimistic, but I am disappointed to say that this was my least favorite episode of the season.

I was unaware that the opening, with Shelia Shay being pulled around Chatswin in a Cinderella carriage, was just the beginning of more bizarre moments to come.

This is a rather unimportant note, but I also happened to notice that even the intro song had been changed both in pitch and tempo, but with no explanation as to why.

The celebration of Mother’s Day in Chatswin allowed for 3 different storylines to take place.

To prepare for the approaching birth of their baby, Noah and Jill had their endangered animal themed nursery completed, which sounded like a cute idea. However, the fact that it looked like something out of the Amazon rainforest, complete with dead animal skin was beyond creepy and quite absurd. (obviously Eden thought so too). The Warners also threw her an equally ludicrous baby shower complete with performers dressed and behaving like wild animals.

Meanwhile, Dallas was abandoned by Dahlia on Mother’s Day who decided to spend the day with her father so as not to break their travel tradition. As a distraction, Dallas entered the annual Mother’s Day race, broke her ankle, and then was apparently hallucinating, causing Dallas to see her dog talking to her.  That scene was quite ridiculous, in my opinion.

Finally, Shelia Shay was also presented with outlandish gifts, which ironically were given by her husband and not her children. I did find it quite funny, however, that Lisa refused to buy her a present hoping that they were not biologically related. I will say that I had a hunch about the discovery that Lisa made regarding the adoption conspiracy!

At the end, Tessa had a bit of a meltdown about never knowing her mother and I was quite convinced that she was going to meet her, so I was disappointed that it didn’t happen. The cliffhanger does make it seem like a potential story arc for next season though!

Overall, I have to say this was a rather weak finish to the Suburgatory season.


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