“The Middle” Episode Review: The Telling

Grade: B+

“It’s everything I don’t like: it’s parents, it’s night, it’s not in our living room”-Mike

While this week’s episode “The Telling” was still entertaining, I thought one of the storylines was rather dry.

Most of the episode centered around the concept of tattling and how it affected the entire family.

After Axl snuck out of the house late one night and was caught by Sue, she decided to blackmail him by forcing him to act as her chauffeur, which involved driving friends around, as well.. While it is a storyline that’s certainly been done before, I still found some of the situations quite amusing. My favorite scene was when Sue, Carly, and Brad were doing warm-up singing exercises and Axl (who was annoyed) mocked them by saying “Kill me, kill you, kill he, kill Sue.” It was also hilarious when Sue went so far as to allow random strangers to ask Axl for a ride.

It actually seemed a bit out of character for Sue to take advantage of Axl for as long as she did, but maybe that’s just because I’m an only child and have never been in that situation. I was not at all shocked, however, when Axl finally confessed and left Sue abandoned because he was tired of listening to her.

Apparently Brick had been the family snitch for years and Mike had never known about it. I loved when he discovered how Frankie was getting all of the information and said, “Now I know you just stock up on smokes and dispatch your little flying monkey.”

Meanwhile, Frankie forced Mike to attend Parents Night at Brick’s school to ensure that they got to sign-up for something other than the beautifying committee (which meant scraping gum off desks). The fact that he was clueless to the entire process was priceless, especially when he didn’t understand why he needed to use a pen instead of a pencil. Frankie was definitely getting a little too worked up about the process over the phone though.

Finally, the last storyline didn’t really contribute much to the episode. Frankie was stuck at work serving hotdogs for an event where the dealership was making an impossible attempt at selling 500 cars in 5 days. I personally just didn’t find any of the scenes with this plot amusing.

*Other notable moments:

Sue naively getting Axl a sandwich, chips, and pop assuming he would return the favor by driving her to the mall.

-Sue constantly saying to Axl “we don’t want to be lake

-Frankie’s boss wanting to hear her idea at work in a man’s voice before he could decide whether he actually liked it

Overall, I would say a decent episode that still could have used a little improvement.


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