“Modern Family” Episode Review: Baby on Board

Grade: A

“Arms down here says, ‘ I’m white and I’m sorry.’ Arms up here says, ‘You don’t know what I am.’” – Phil

This week’s episode was a major improvement from the last and really ended the season on a high note.

Cam and Mitchell received the exciting news that they were finally getting a baby boy from a Hispanic woman who had just gone into labor. I loved that Cam couldn’t even wait 5 minutes before calling everyone up and sharing the information.  Gloria went with the two of them to act as translator at the hospital and essentially became the narrator of a Spanish soap opera playing out right in the middle of the waiting room. It was especially amusing that poor Cam and Mitchell had no idea what was going on the entire time, and Gloria was so caught up in all of the drama that she kept forgetting to keep them updated. I felt so bad for the couple though when the grandmother decided to keep the baby and raise it herself.

Their trip to the hospital forced Jay and Manny to look after Lilly and take her to her dance recital. There wasn’t a whole lot going on with this storyline, but I did find it sweet that the only way Jay could get her to go on stage and perform was by doing it with her.

Meanwhile, Alex was preparing to go to prom, while Haley originally decided to skip the whole process. It was fantastic watching Phil teach Alex how to dance considering his moves looked rather outdated. I will definitely say that I was not anticipating the reason for her hiding her date from her parents was because he was gay. The looks on their faces when he walked in was priceless. It was hysterical when Claire asked Alex if she wanted her hair touched-up and her date responded “No, I’m good.”

Haley decided to use that free evening as the perfect opportunity to announce to her parents that she and Dylan had decided to get an apartment together after graduation. The fact that Luke’s immediately response was, “Are you doing sex?” was perfect. I also really enjoyed Claire and Phil trying to convince Haley of her awful future (including Alex’s hand-me down clothes) if she chose to go down that path by living with Dylan. At least she was finally accepted into a college, though it’s hard to say just how long she’ll last.

Finally, I was stunned by the pregnancy bombshell! I won’t say who it is, but I’m definitely curious to see how that goes next season!

*Other notable moments:

Phil’s accidental, creepy compliment to Alex about her prom dress: “Hon, you look super sexy.”

-Dylan being convinced that his t-shirt business would be an absolute success.

-Alex getting frustrated that none of her family believed she would go wild at prom.

Overall, a very memorable end to this season of “Modern Family”!


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