“The Middle” Episode Review: The Wedding

Grade: A+

“There’s no one in the world that will make you more miserable than your family will.”-Mike

All I can say is what an absolutely hysterical season finale for “The Middle” that really showcased what the Heck family is all about!

The main storyline for the episode involved the wedding of Mike’s brother, Rusty. What was so hilarious was that not only was he unaware of the event or the fact that Rusty had even met someone, but also that Rusty had wrote on the invitations that the ceremony was to be held at Frankie and Mike’s house! I absolutely love the frenzy this sent Frankie into because she was so determined to clean up their house and make it more presentable for the guests (even though Mike insisted that Rusty would be happy with pizza rolls for the wedding dinner).

One of my favorite bits was when Frankie was walking along the dirty counter and finding so many disgusting things in their kitchen, including a band-aid on the window that was actually holding the entire window in place. Another entertaining scene had Frankie panicking the morning of the wedding, stapling the torn-down wallpaper back on the walls, and snapping at Sue who called her “psycho” and started bawling after Frankie and Mike yelled at her.

Sue was enthusiastically trying to help with the wedding (along with Brad) and was actually of more use than Frankie seemed to think. I couldn’t help but laugh when she went to pick up the wedding cake only to find it was in the shape of a giant hamburger. I must say that I was impressed that she managed to find a decent looking replacement!

Brick, however, didn’t want to go to the wedding because his school crush was having a party with book mobile, but Frankie and Mike forbid him to miss the ceremony. It was perfect when he struggled to find the perfect last word and when he did, he unintentionally ruined the moment by whispering afterward.

Meanwhile, Axl and his friends started their own business called “Boss Co.” which had no other purpose than just to do anything they were asked in order to earn some extra cash. Their first task was to remove a stump for $100 and naturally the three guys thought all they would have to do was dig it up. All of their methods to extract it were both ridiculous and hilarious, but I honestly expected Axl to drive the car through the house.

Finally, I really loved the wedding scene at the end, from Mike’s speech to the Heck kids dancing.

*Other notable moments:

-Rusty’s bachelor party involving Mike, his dad, and himself watching tv and drinking beer.

-Frankie’s reaction to meeting Rusty’s fiancée.

-Frankie saying she covered all of the cracks in the ceiling with white out.

-Rusty not even knowing the names of his future step-kids

Overall, a truly fantastic end to “The Middle” season!


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