Season Report Card: “Modern Family”

Season: 3

Overall Grade:

Best Episode:

“Aunt Mommy.” An awkward baby agreement during a drunken double date was hysterically close to incest. The whole situation got even better when the entire family found out what had happened.

Worst Episode:

“Me? Jealous?” For an episode with such a title, there wasn’t much jealousy to be found. Not only that, all of the storylines were rather dry and forgettable.


Phil Dunphy. From stumbling around Disneyland with the flu to finding out Haley is no longer a virgin, Phil was certainly the most animated this season. He also wins for some of the best quotes.

Best Decision:

Cam and Mitchell giving up on adoption again. As nice as it would be to see the couple gain a son, I’m not sure if we really need yet another baby on the show, especially when they already have their hands full with Lily.

Worst Mistake:

Haley reuniting with Dylan. With her finally going off to college, we all know this relationship isn’t going to last long, so it seems rather pointless to bring them back together in the first place.

Most shocking moment:

Gloria’s pregnancy. I certainly did not see this one coming. I really do hope, however, that it’s just a false alarm.


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