Season Report Card: “Suburgatory”

Season: 1

Overall Grade:

Best Episode:

“Down Time.” I think I enjoyed this episode even more as a re-run, and forgot how hilarious it was watching Tessa deal with Malik and Lisa’s new romance. I also loved how excited Mrs. Shay was about the big news.

Worst Episode:

“The Motherload.” Suburgatory can usually get away with cheesy moments, but this episode just took it too far. Hopefully things will pick-up at the beginning of next season.


Tessa Altman. Her sarcasm and witty remarks usually lead to the best lines of any episode. I also love that she seems to be a 30-year-old trapped in a teenage body.

Best Decision:

Dallas getting divorced. Her husband was not around much to begin with, and this opens up the opportunity for new romance for her.

Worst Mistake:

The surrogate Eden. I’m happy to see Tessa deal with a potential mother figure, but a pregnant girlfriend for George is just completely unecessary.

Most shocking moment:

Ryan Shay being adopted. Not much has been said about Lisa’s discovery yet, but I’m sure there will be more to come.


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