Season Report Card: “The Office”

Season: 8

Overall Grade:

Best Episode:

“Pam’s Replacement.” I loved watching Dwight and Pam team up for this and have Jim be the target of their playful antics. The positive dynamic between these three characters is what makes a good episode.

Worst Episode:

“Gettysburg.” The only highlight of this episode was the cold opening when Pam faked labor. After that, it all went down hill.


Dwight Schrute. He grabbed Jim’s crotch, suffered appendicitis, took a team to Tallahassee, and much more. If anyone helped to save the show this season, it was Dwight.

Best Decision:

The Florida story arc. I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the office being split in half, but some of the best episodes this season took place when Dwight’s team went to Tallahassee.

Worst Mistake:

Robert California. This had to be the biggest waste of a character, and I was happy to see him leave. (Nellie gets an honorable mention here.)

Most shocking moment:

Angela having Dwight’s baby. (or so we think!) It is yet to be confirmed, but all signs point to Phillip being a Schrute.


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