Season Wish-Lists

It’s that time again!

In just a few weeks, everyone’s favorite fall tv shows will be back for a new season.

Being the tv junkie that I am, I am embarrasingly excited.

With that said, here are my lists of what I would like to see happen for the upcoming seasons!

“The Middle”

  • I mentioned it before, but I’d still love to see a new job for Frankie. There do not seem to be many unique storylines that can incorporate her time at the car dealership, and I think a new career could be a nice shake-up for the the show and character.
  • On a similar note, it would be amusing to watch Sue with a part-time job, as well. Her “baby-suetting” service was fantastic and while it would be nice to watch her in a different type of work, a long-term babysitting gig could also fit.
  • An appearance or two from more of Frankie’s side of the family would be a pleasant surprise. We’ve seen her mom, sister, and aunts in the past, but because Mike’s dad & brother live closer, they are more likely to be in episodes.
  • Another trip or vacation, particularly one that goes wrong. The Hecks are a lot like the Griswolds and since everything they do becomes chaotic, it would be yet another hysterical scenario.


  • Tessa’s mother! I stated this desire in my wish-list for the end of last season, but am confident that this will actually come true. After the season finale, it was implied that this is finally going to happen. I am just so curious to find out more about Tessa’s background and her mom’s history with George.
  • I have also pitched the idea of a new love interest for Tessa and still stick with this idea. I expect she’ll have a new flame at some point in Season 2, and I look forward to that moment.
  • Eden to take a leave of absence. Nothing personal against her, but I never cared for the character to begin with. As long as they explain what happened to her, I’d be more than happy to see George single again.
  • Dallas to start dating again. This storyline would be a fantastic excuse for some Dahlia drama, since it can be assumed that she would not be amused with the idea of a potential stepdad.

Modern Family”

  • Haley’s adjustment to college. This transition is going to bring new storylines for the character, which I am quite excited to see! I think it would also be great for a Parent’s Day with Claire and Phil going to visit her.
  • Alex to get a boyfriend. We’ve seen Haley bounce around between guys, so it would be a nice change for Alex to be the one dating instead.
  • This isn’t something I would have wanted to see happen, but now that (spoiler alert!) Gloria’s pregnant, I am anxious to see how the storyline unfolds. It will certainly be an interesting journey.
  • A new recurring character. While the show is a bit crowded already, the introduction of a character from outside the family might add the possibility for some fresh storylines.

Parks and Recreation”

Parks & Rec is now officially a part of my blog! I watched more than half of Season 4 as it aired live then caught up with Seasons 1-3 over the summer.

  • A little drama for Leslie and Ben. With their new long-term relationship, this is pretty much to be expected for much of the season’s beginning. However, I don’t want it to be enough to break them up, as I like them together as a couple.
  • However, I do want to see Anne and Tom split. These two are absolutely horrid matches for one another, and I’m a bit tired of seeing her date guys in the department.
  • A new long-term project for the Parks Department. Now that Leslie’s on City Council, her priorities will be rearranged for a while. Since last season was mostly about politics, it would be nice to see a return to what the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Deparment is all about.
  • An excursion or party that brings everyone together. Shows are almost always at their best when all of the main characters are forced together for an event, and the same has held true for P & R in the past.

The Office”

This is the ninth and final season of “The Office,” therefore this particular wish-list will be much longer than the others!

  • Nellie to get fired. From what I heard, the Brit in the office will certainly still be at Dunder-Mifflin when the show returns, but I’d like to see her gone as early as possible.
  • Kelly and Ryan to end up together. Neither character is going to be around long, and as annoying as they both are, they deserve one another.
  • Angela to confess that she knows the Senator is gay, or find out if she hasn’t already! This storyline has been dragged on way too long and I’d like to see it come to a unique end.
  • Dwight to be confirmed as the father of Angela’s child. This is another couple that I have always found to be perfect together and I know they both still care about the other person.
  • Another appearance from Mose at Schrute Farms. I love that crazy cousin and getting an inside look into the world of Dwight Schrute.
  • More Jim, Dwight, & Pam pranks! This has always been one of my favorite aspects of the show, and I’d love to see some unique ones from our favorite practical jokesters. I still say an April Fool’s Day episode would be hilarious!
  • Holiday episodes. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, you name it! I want as many of these as they can squeeze into a season!
  • One last Dundie ceremony. We’ve only gotten to see two of these, and they have always proven to make great episodes.
  • A story arc for Jim and Pam. Other than having children, this couple hasn’t had much going on in the last few years. I hope to see that change this season!
  • Exploration into the documentary aspect of the show, and maybe have characters become aware of things that were captured on footage that they did not know about at the time.
  • Multiple episode arcs (especially near the series finale) that keep the audience on the edge of their seats while they wait for the next episode. (think Friends and Seinfeld in their final year!)
  • Unique, well-suited ending for each of the characters.
  • A final appearance from Michael Scott. Enough said.

Well, the wait is almost over and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these fantastic tv shows!


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