“Modern Family” Episode Review: Bringing Up Baby

Grade: B

“Don’t be disrespectful, Luke. Anyone can do it with Gloria”- Phil

What stood out to me the most about this season premiere was not so much the witty jokes but the timeline. I really appreciated the fact that all of the storylines picked up the day after the season finale took place. It’s something that isn’t done as much anymore and I thought it was a unique twist.

Gloria was still dealing with the news of her unexpected pregnancy while Jay was out celebrating his 65th birthday after being kidnapped by Phil and some friends. I thought it ironic because of his age and actually made the situation appear even more tense and awkward. I was rather impressed with his positive response, however, when Gloria did tell him and was shocked that he took it so lightly. My favorite reaction had to be that of Claire’s when she giddily revealed in a talking head interview, “She’s gonna get really fat.”

Meanwhile, Haley and Dylan were suffering from their prom hangovers and despite that, Haley decided to ask her mom permission for Dylan to move in with the family on a temporary basis. Naturally Claire said no, but apparently her wording of the refusal left ditsy Haley confused, prompting Alex to clarify with the hilarious “Dylan no stay.”

The final storyline focused on Cam and Mitchell trying to move on from their failed adoption. Lilly insisted on getting a kitten named Larry as a replacement and was trying to blackmail her dads into making it happen. This plot wasn’t as impressive as the other two, but it did have a few moments that stood out. One particular example, though cliche sexual humor, was when the giant stuffed animals (originally for the baby) that were strapped on the top of the car kept falling into incredibly inappropriate positions.

Much like the introduction of the episode, its end had a satisfying spin on it. The audience was able to catch up with the characters in current time and see the conclusions to each of their storylines. Gloria’s now much farther along (and showing) in her pregnancy, Cam and Mitchell adopted the kitten, and Dylan actually ended up moving in with Haley and her family, though he outstayed his welcome and was kicked out again.

Overall, a rather entertaining “Modern Family” premiere with intriguing storylines that are sure to follow!


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